Charlottesville Police Department Worker Thanks ‘Crying Nazi’ Chris Cantwell For His Support

(Screenshot / via HBO, Vice)

“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell, a particularly radicalized alt-right activist, phoned the Charlottesville Police Department and said that anti-fascism protesters “ought to be put through wood chippers,” to which the CPD employee thanked Cantwell for his support.

In a clip from Cantwell’s “Radical Agenda” podcast uploaded to his website, Cantwell shared the CPD phone number and encouraged listeners to call the line following news that Corey Long, who improvised a flamethrower to fend off violent alt-right demonstrators at last year’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally, had been sentenced to 20 days in jail. After reading off the phone number, Cantwell played a recording of a chummy exchange he had with an operator who answered his call. CPD confirmed via email that the audio posted by Cantwell was authentic and that the other person heard in the clip is a CPD employee.

“I imagine you guys are getting a bunch of calls about a bunch of communists who want you to release people. I’ve got to tell you, jail is too good for these people. They ought to be put through a wood chipper and I’m glad you guys are cleaning up the streets,” Cantwell said in the recording.

“Well, that’s awesome,” the operator said. “Thanks for your support.”

“You’ve got a communist problem in that city and they have to feel law and order or things are going to get worse,” Cantwell said.

“Well actually, we’re due for another doozy here in August,” she said, referring to alt-right activist Jason Kessler’s plan for an anniversary rally.

After the call ended, Cantwell said, “So there you have it, folks. The cops in that city know who the problem is. They knew who the problem was last August and, sadly, they’re handcuffed by the politics of the thing.”