Charisma Helps Corsi Promote Deep-State Conspiracy Theory

Excerpt from graphic included in Newsmax marketing email

Right-wing media operation Newsmax is using Pentecostal publisher Charisma to promote Jerome Corsi’s latest conspiracy-theory book, “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump,” which was released a few weeks ago. A Newsmax promotional page promises that Corsi “lays it all out—from the alarming evidence for the coup d’état to take out President Trump — to the plan that will allow the president and patriots to destroy this dangerous shadow government for good.” Newsmax is offering the book free ($4.95 for shipping) if you sign up for a trial subscription to Newsmax Magazine ($39.95/year).

A Thursday afternoon email from Newsmax promoting the book was identified as a sponsorship message to subscribers of Charisma Media’s newsletter.

The Newsmax/Charisma email includes a helpful graphic showing the “cast of characters” in Corsi’s book, including President Trump as “The Hero,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “The Patsy,” and guess who as “The Truth Teller”:

Charisma and its publisher, Steve Strang, have energetically promoted Trump both as a candidate and as president. Strang is the author of “God and Donald Trump,” which argues that Trump’s miraculous election was the result of divine intervention.