Charisma Author: Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Vision of Asteroid, Nuclear War ‘From The Lord’

The latest thing to worry about, according to a post published on Monday at Charisma: a vision that a nine-year-old boy had two months ago of an asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean followed by a nuclear war involving the United States. The young visionary highlighted by author Michael Snyder is the grandson of a woman known on YouTube as “A Daughter of the Highest King,” who posted a video of the drawing her grandson made on a dry erase board describing his vision.

Charisma, a magazine and online media company run by Steve Strang, promotes many voices of self-proclaimed “prophets” and has published plenty of prophecies about Donald Trump. Last year Snyder warned that Hillary Clinton was a modern-day Jezebel whose election could trigger the unraveling of America.

Snyder writes that he believes the boy’s vision was “from the Lord,” because it fits a description in the biblical book of Revelation—and is similar to more than 100 dreams and visions of asteroids hitting the Atlantic that he and his wife have been collecting.

A post like Snyder’s is not all that surprising coming from a slice of Christianity that is obsessed with the End Times. Many of Snyder’s Charisma posts are forms of fearmongering about coming tribulations: a stock market and economic collapse (and housing and auto industries), a North Korean biological attack, etc. Snyder is also author of a book “The Rapture Verdict,” published last year, which warns that the “worst times in all of human history are coming” and that the “thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted will disappear” into an America of rioting, looting, and civil unrest.

But it won’t be all bad for the right kind of Christians. “Yes, the most challenging times in all of human history are coming,” Snyder writes, “But for the people of God it will be the greatest chapter of all as multitudes come into the Kingdom even in the midst of all the shaking.”

It is probably not coincidental that Snyder’s blog, “The Economic Collapse,” is chock-full of the kind of ads for disaster-prep products hawked by other right-wingers from Jim Bakker to Glenn Beck. Same for another site where he publishes his writing, The End of the American Dream. During a Tuesday morning visit, ad links from his blog’s front page included his Rapture book, a site for “Prepper Gear,” a realty site promoting “North Idaho Survivalist Land & Homes,” a link urging “Emigrate While You Still Can” (to Panama), ads promoting gold and silver, and more.