‘Cause There Is Nothing Bin Laden Hates More Than Lack of a Quorum

LaRue.jpg As we’ve noted repeatedly in the past, the Right is working hard to get Senate Republicans to start a battle over judicial nominations in order to generate electoral support before the midterm elections. 

But they are not having much success.  Just yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee had to scrap a meeting because Chairman Arlen Specter couldn’t even get enough Republicans to attend to have the necessary quorum.  

Needless to say, the Right is none-too-pleased and, in response, it looks as if Concerned Women for America’s Jan LaRue is taking Leonard Leo’s call to tie the issue of judges to the war on terrorism to its illogical conclusion  

“If Osama bin Laden watched the Republicans’ efforts to win the war over judges and equated it with their commitment to win the real war, he’d swap his cave for a condo in Kabul or Karachi and start broadcasting live from his sundeck.

“Those who won’t stand up to empty suits can’t expect to be taken seriously by a maniacal Jihadist who would use a real ‘nuclear option’ if he had it.

By the same measure, those who use overblown rhetoric such as this regarding arcane Senate technicalities shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously by anyone.