Carl Gallups: Immigration Is God’s Punishment For Evolution In Schools, Gay Rights & Legal Abortion

Carl Gallups, a pastor who campaigned for Donald Trump last year, joined Virginia talk radio host Rob Schilling on Monday to discuss the uproar over Trump’s executive order cutting off legal entry for refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, telling Schilling that while the media calls the result “chaos,” “the lawlessness of the last eight years and even before then, that was the chaos.”

Insisting that this is all part of “spiritual warfare,” Gallups said, “What’s happening now is a big, heavy dose, a seismic shift of common sense, rule of law and human decency is beginning to come back in vogue and the left and their counterpart in the demonic realm, they are screaming, ‘Oh, it’s utter chaos, it’s utter chaos.’”

He went on to explain that while “the world is so concerned about the flood of refugees and illegal immigrants that are violating our boundaries and borders,” it can all be traced back to God’s punishment on America for teaching evolution and allowing gay rights and legal abortion.

“Here’s what I have been saying for years before this date,” he said, “and that was: Look, we have violated the borders of our children’s minds, for 100 years we have told them that they come from monkeys and that there is no God. We have violated the borders of their souls and their spirits. We have violated the borders of the womb in America and have destroyed 60 million children. We have violated the borders of sexuality, we have violated the borders of family, we have violated the borders of marriage, we have violated the borders of gender. And now, as a judgment from God or as discipline from God, our own geographical borders are now being violated.”