Camenker’s Inclusion In Tea Party Rally Again Causes Strife

A few weeks back we noted that Brian Camenker of MassResistance was still smarting over the fact that his participation in a scheduled Tea Party rally had lead all the other speakers to withdraw, causing the event to collapse.

Shortly thereafter Camenker was crowing that he’d been invited to speak at another Tea Party rally featuring Don Feder and praising organizers for their willingness to include him even if its angered RINOs and the Left.

Well, according to the latest email from MassResistance, it turns out that Feder dropped out after being informed that Camenker was going to be participating and Camenker is absolutely livid: 

Like so many other destructive trends, Massachusetts is a harbinger of things to come (or already happening) across the country. RINOs (“Republicans In Name Only”) who demand that “social” and moral issues be purged from ALL Tea Party events managed to shut down the Lexington Tea Party on July 25. And now they’ve been at it again.

When it was announced that Don Feder would be the keynote speaker at the Fort Independence Tea Party, it got immediate attention across the state. Don is a well-known writer, lecturer and pro-family leader going back over 20 years.

But a few days later Don said that he had been contacted by Christen Varley regarding his appearance at the event. Varley was primarily responsible for the shutting down of the Lexington Tea Party, and her outrageous actions prompted the organizers to do this one. Don told us that unless we could guarantee that no speaker at the event would say anything bad about Varley, he’d have to cancel his appearance. We told him we didn’t think anyone had any intention of mentioning her, but we weren’t going to explicitly ban speakers from saying anything. So Don said he’d have to pull out.

In many ways this represents a far worse threat than the radical Left. If Republican candidates are told by people they trust that the homosexual agenda in the schools and other “social issues” are “toxic” and will cause them to lose elections, what do you think will happen when they get elected? They’ll continue to stay away from these issues — and cave in to the other side faster than ever. And of course, even more taxpayer money than ever will flow into those programs.

This is extremely serious. Elections are the best time to raise these issues and hold politicians’ feet to the fire. But instead, anyone who talks about it is being demonized — by supposed “conservatives”. And as a result, this gives the left and the media an open door to pile on even more and make the pro-family position appear “fringe” — exactly what the radical left wants!