CADC on DADT: God About to Unleash “The Mighty Sickle of His Wrath” Upon America

In our post earlier today noting that many Religious Right groups had apparently decided not to issue any sort of statement in response to the Senate vote to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, we cited the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission as one of the groups that had noticeably remained silent on the vote.

It seems that that was due not to the fact that the CADC had nothing to say, but rather because Gary Cass was working on a nearly two-thousand word opus explaining that God is preparing to unleash the “mighty sickle of His wrath” on America for “drinking the dregs of civic debauchery” as demonstrated by the fact that Ellen DeGeneres hosted a “Christmas In Washington” television special:

Homosexual behavior is intrinsically sinful and we cannot renegotiate God’s moral law. No apologies are necessary for agreeing with Jesus, the Apostles, the Law and the Prophets. History, science, scripture and eternity concur.

Homosexual sin, like every other kind of sin, always results in some kind of death. But sexual sin in general, and homosexual sin in particular, is singled out in the Old and New Testament as particularly deadly. Because of this, the unrepentant person trapped in homosexuality, just like all other sinners, is to be pitied and the object of our compassion.

Spiritually, they are dead to God’s mercy and transforming grace in Christ. Sadly, it was unrepentant homosexual Ellen DeGeneres who emceed the “Christmas in Washington” TV Show this year with President Obama and family smiling as they blindly celebrated the birth of the Savior. They never saw the incongruence of it all.

This repeal is one more sign that we are drinking the dregs of civic debauchery. This illicit indulgence within the military will not be confined to homo-sex. If this can be tolerated, then all other sexual behaviors can and must be tolerated. Whatever arbitrary justification you can make for two men cavorting, you can make for whatever other illicit behaviors you can successfully demand … Ultimately, we must resolve that Providence has ordained the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for now. It could not have happened if God had willed otherwise. But why?

In times like these when our nation defies the moral law of the living God, we must ask, “Is God hardening our heart like he did the defiant Pharaoh?” God did it to show His mighty power in the outpouring of ten plagues on the gods of Egypt and by destroying Pharaoh and his army.

Is God letting America ripen in her rebellion before He wields the mighty sickle of His wrath? It’s worth considering as our nation’s military now serves under a shameful, pink flag.