CADC Needs $30,000 To Spread ‘Incriminating Evidence’ Against Judge In Scott Lively Case

Today, Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission sent out a rather odd end-of-the-year fundraising plea, using the lawsuit against Scott Lively as the hook to ask for $30,000 for his own organization.

Lively is being represented by Liberty Counsel, so why Cass needs “to raise $30,000 by the end of the year so we can keep fighting for faithful pastors like Rev. Lively” is beyond us. Nonetheless, Cass’ email is filled with dire warnings that Christians will be charged with crimes against humanity and vague threats to release “incriminating evidence” against the judge in Lively’s case, all while pleading for money based on a case that, as far as we know, Cass and his organization have nothing to do with:

Because this is such an obvious abuse of the judicial system, Rev. Lively’s attorney asked the judge to dismiss the case. After over 200 years, there is only one case where an American was found guilty of violating international law. This case involved torture of a man in Paraguay. Every other time these kinds of cases are dismissed and no trial is held. The judge has adamantly refused to dismiss the case against Rev. Lively.

So Rev. Lively has appealed the judge’s ruling in hopes that a higher court will overrule the judge and throw the case out. In the meantime, Rev. Lively was unexpectedly provided with reams of documentation proving the presiding judge is anything BUT neutral regarding homosexuality.  This is NOT surprising.

Time and time again activist judges who legislate from the bench have thwarted the will of the American people. Recently in California a homosexual judge overturned Proposition 8. It was passed by the majority of California voters and amended the State Constitution to define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. An activist judiciary ultimately overturned the will of the people.

Liberal judges regularly abuse their power! WE MUST EXPOSE THIS CORRUPTION. I have pledged to Rev. Lively that with your help we will make sure this judge’s bias is exposed


Part of what Rev. Lively is charged with is alleged criminal activity he did while in the US. What was that? He communicated with members of the Ugandan legislature.  If Rev. Lively is convicted it will be extremely destructive of our rights. If a pastor in the US sends a letter or e-mail in support of traditional, biblical values to someone in another country he could be committing an international “crime against humanity.”

If a faithful Christian pastor in America preaches a sermon to his congregation on the real definition of marriage and it’s posted online, and it is heard in another country, he could be committing an international “crime against humanity.” 

Can you see the looming threat?  If we don’t win this case, our federal court system will be used by international activist groups to deprive us of our cherished First Amendment religious liberties and freedom of speech.

Just the threat of a lawsuit will cause some churches to self-censor because the costs of a lawsuit will bankrupt them.  This is exactly why groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center engage in legal warfare called “law-fare.” The cost of a lawsuit is so expensive the legal process becomes the punishment, even if you ultimately win the case you go broke.


We can’t sit idly by and let a faithful Christian minister be abused in our courts by an activist judge. We have the incriminating evidence on this judge and we must get it out, but we need your help!

First, please, pray that God will give us boldness. Many people are unwilling to even associate with Rev. Lively, much less help him. But we can’t abandon a faithful Christian whose “crime” is simply upholding biblical truth. Now more than ever we need to stand against the lies of this world and proclaim the gospel of Christ’s kingdom. Pray God will keep us strong!

Second, please make a generous contribution to today. We need to raise $30,000 by the end of the year so we can keep fighting for faithful pastors like Rev. Lively. The Lord has graciously provided almost half of our need already, but to reach our goal we need all of our partners to do something.