C-Fam Upset About Groups Trying To Minimize Harm From Trump’s Global Gag Rule

Austin Ruse speaks at 2015 conference on sexual orientation and gender identity in international law

C-Fam President Austin Ruse, who fights United Nations support for LGBTQ human rights and reproductive choice, declared in this week’s “Friday Fax” email that “the sexual left went mad” when “the U.S. government withdrew American funding for abortion groups overseas.”

As we have reported previously, President Trump drastically expanded the scope of the “Mexico City policy” when he re-imposed what is popularly known as the “global gag rule.” U.S. support for global health initiatives will now be denied to any group that advocates for women to have legal access to abortion or even lets women in crisis know about the availability of abortion in countries where it is legal.

Because the consequences of this policy could be catastrophic for the world’s most vulnerable women, a group of foreign governments and pro-choice nonprofits are supporting “She Decides,” an initiative meant to mitigate the harm of Trump’s new policy. A group of them met in Brussels this week to raise money for the initiative. Ruse mocked this as an effort to “keep the baby butchery going.” And an article about the fundraiser by Ruse’s colleague Marianna Orlandi complained that United Nations staff and European politicians joined forces with abortion-rights groups to “vilify” the U.S. government’s new policy.

C-Fam has partnered with many of the world’s most freedom-denying regimes in its zeal to enshrine “traditional” ideologies about gender, sexuality, and family in international law.