Bryan Fischer Wants To Set The Record Straight

The AFA’s Bryan Fischer has written a post designed to “set the record straight on a number of issues” regarding some of his more outrageous statements, particularly as its relates to the coverage he has been getting from Jeremy at Good As You.

We’ll just let his admissions speak for themselves: 

– I have in fact proposed that homosexual behavior once again be made against the law.

– I have in fact suggested the same sanctions be imposed on homosexual conduct that are imposed on intravenous drug abuse.

– Adolph Hitler did in fact surround himself with homosexual thugs.

– I have in fact suggested that Muslims should be ineligible for military service.

– I have in fact suggested severe restrictions on Muslim immigration into the United States.

Interestingly, regarding his claim that Hitler was gay and so we all of his top soldiers, Warren Throckmorton got Lothar Machtan, the author of “The Hidden Hitler” – which was the book Fischer originally cited as evidence – to comment on Fischer’s interpretation of his work

Machtan told me that he believes Hitler’s (alleged) homosexuality influenced his political career up to about 1934-35. However, Machtan wrote in clear terms that Hitler’s cruelty was not due to his sexuality, saying, “Hitler’s atrocities primarily do NOT derive from his homosexuality.” Regarding the Holocaust, Machtan added, “Of course you CANNOT blame Hitler’s homosexuality for the Holocaust.” (Machtan supplied the emphasis).

In his post, Fischer also disputes the way some of his statements have been characterized, especially his recent call for everyone to “be a Phinehas in our own world, and in our own generation”:

I never advocated running fornicators through with a spear. I cited the example of Phinehas from Numbers 25 to draw attention not to his specific act but to the character, courage, decisiveness and boldness which drove him to intervene in a dramatic way to save his nation from a deadly plague. Accusing me of anything beyond that is as ridiculous of accusing me of saying I want people to put a bullet in the brain of the next German they see because I admire the courage our soldiers showed on D-Day.

As I asked before, what exactly does he think people should do in order to demonstrate their own Phinehas-like dedication to God, given that the one thing that set Phinehas apart from all the others was his willingness to murder for God?

Fischer’s long history of attacking gays as sexually deviant pedophiles and degenerates is central to this issue.  He has made a career out of attacking and demonizing gays, and so when he starts approvingly citing a story of a man who murdered two people for their “sexual immorality” and urges people to show that same sort of courage and dedication, it raises questions. 

Imagine for a moment that Fischer has made a career out of attacking and demonizing Germans and then suddenly urged all Americas to show the same sort of courage as demonstrated by soldiers on D-Day. That would likewise raise questions … and not because people are offering “ridiculous” interpretations of his statements but rather because Fischer’s own history has created a context in which such statements raise legitimate questions about his intention.