Bryan Fischer: The Left Wants Gun Violence Because The Issue Allows Them To Attack White Conservatives

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer said during his “Focal Point” program yesterday that liberals don’t really want to stop mass shootings because gun violence is an issue that they can use to attack white conservatives.

After insisting that the only real hope for stopping gun violence in America is for its citizens to turn to God and to require prayer in public schools, Fischer declared that liberals would never support such efforts because they actually “want gun violence.”

“The left doesn’t want this gun problem to go away,” he said. “The left is not interested in solving the problem of gun violence. Why? Because that’s what they use to beat up conservatives. They want gun violence, they need gun violence so they can beat up conservatives, beat up the Republicans, beat up white people over the issue of gun violence, so they don’t want this problem solved.”

Fischer said that the left intentionally implements public policies “that make events like this virtually inevitable and then when they happen, because of conditions they have created … then they use them for their own left-wing political purposes.”