Bryan Fischer: Schools Teach Too Much About Slavery, Not Enough About How Christianity Ended Slavery

On his radio show last week, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer criticized schools for focusing on teaching students about the history of slavery in America instead of teaching that it was Christians who ended the practice in this country and complained that schools are teaching students about Islam rather than promoting Christian pride or patriotism.

“What schoolchildren are being taught now more and more and more is that our Founding Fathers were all slaveholders,” Fischer said. “All they hear about when they talk about American history is how we tolerated slavery, which is a true fact, but we also made it illegal. We also freed the slaves.”

Fischer pointed out the commonality of slavery across mankind, arguing that schools should focus on Christianity’s role in ending the practice in America.

“What’s not taught about America is that we freed the slaves, we recognized the evil of slavery, and we did something about it that is to our credit,” he said.

He claimed that “if we only followed the Bible, we wouldn’t have had slavery in America,” adding that students are wrongly being taught that “the Bible is responsible for slavery.”

Fischer also claimed that public school curricula have become “pro-Islam.”

“You’ve got a lot of schools now that officially say you’ve got to teach about Islam, you got to have kids memorizing the Islamic conversion prayer, you’ve got to teach them the five pillars of Islam, get them to do it so they actually become practicing Muslims for a period of time, and that’s considered superior,” Fischer said.