Bryan Fischer Says There Is No Reason For The Religious Right To ‘Punish America’ By Turning On Trump For His ‘Reprehensible’ Behavior

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer was asked by a caller to his “Focal Point” program yesterday to share his thoughts on reports that Donald Trump had an adulterous affair with a porn actress several years ago and then paid her $130,000 in hush money shortly before the 2016 election, as well as the admission by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council that the Religious Right was giving Trump “a mulligan” for such behavior because he is faithfully implementing their political agenda.

Fischer said that while Trump’s behavior was “reprehensible” and “despicable,” it doesn’t really matter because Trump is still the president and therefore it doesn’t make much sense to “punish America” by removing him from office when he is championing the public policy issues that the Religious Right cares about.

“Regardless of what I think about what Donald Trump did, he is still our president,” Fischer said. “He is still going to be the president today, he is going to be the president tomorrow. He is not going to be impeached over this thing, he is not going to be removed from office, so we can weep and wail and gnash our teeth—kind of like we did with Bill Clinton—but it didn’t make any difference. Bill Clinton kept right on being president.”

“So I think we still have to deal with life as it is handed to us,” he continued. “We still have to look at contemporary events, we still have to look at the policies that the president is advocating—do we agree with them, do we disagree with them? If there are policies that are good, there is no reason for us not to support him just because he did such a tawdry thing 11 years ago. I’m not going to punish America because of what he did 11 years ago; that wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.”