Bryan Fischer Is Just Trying To Save Our Souls

Bryan Fischer continued his reading from the Book of Revelation on his radio program today and when he came to a passage warning that those who “worship the beast” will spend eternity in torment, he took a moment to kindly address us and our readers directly, pleading with us to accept Christ in order to avoid this punishment.

“If anybody is listening to me right now who is not a Christian,” Fischer said, “We have a lot of people who listen to this program just to troll this program or to report to RightWingWatch, but I want you to understand the stakes that you’re playing for right here. Because what John says in this vision is the consequences of refusing to yield before Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God and as the Lion of Judah are eternal. There is a torment that lasts forever for those who do not bow the knee to the Lamb and I do not want you to experience that”: