Bryan Fischer: ‘I Believe Muslims Can And Should Be Excluded From Congress’

On Friday, American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer blasted Sen. Ben Sasse for condemning Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore’s view that Muslims should be prohibited from serving in Congress.

Fischer said that Sasse and anyone else who would dare to criticize Moore’s position are “uninformed” about the true meaning of the Constitution, insisting that the prohibition on religious tests for office only means that elected officials do not need to be members of a specific Christian denomination.

“So when it says there can be no religious test in Article VI, you can’t have a Christian religious test that everybody has to pass in order to be eligible for federal office,” Fischer said. “It doesn’t say a single solitary thing about Islam because the Congress wasn’t even dealing with the topic of Islam when they were putting the Constitution together.”

“I believe Muslims can and should be excluded from Congress,” Fischer added, “for the same reason that Communists can and should be and legally are, because they believe in a totalitarian system, a totalitarian ideology.”