Bryan Fischer Does Not Approve Of Any Potential Truce

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer slams Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels for suggesting the need for a “truce” in the culture war and explains why Daniels is wrong … as only Bryan Fischer can:

There are two things that are disastrously wrong with what the governor said.

First, in the culture war, there is no such thing as a “truce.” A truce is the same as a surrender. It’s no different than the phony truces Muslim nations enter into, which for them are not a prelude to peace but an opportunity to re-arm.

What the governor apparently does not understand is that the other side will never give up, never back down, never quit. They pursue their radical agenda with a mindless persistence, pressing, clamoring, hectoring, demanding, bloviating without ceasing. There can be no truce with such an adversary.

I’m reminded of the homosexuals who demanded sex with Lot’s guests, as recorded in Genesis 19:4-10. They “surrounded the house” and “pressed hard against the man Lot” until they were blinded by God. Even that didn’t stop them. “They wore themselves out groping for the door.”

We are up against tireless adversaries and we ourselves must be tireless and unflagging in our opposition to their life- and culture-destroying agenda.

Apparently, if Christians were to accept any such truce, it would just be used as an opportunity for Muslims and gays to re-arm and rape them.