Bryan Fischer: ‘A Homosexual in the White House Must Be Unthinkable’

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer closed out his “Focal Point” radio program today by discussing his latest column, “A Homosexual in the White House Must Be Unthinkable,” and claiming that electing Pete Buttigieg as president “would be suicidal for our culture.”

“It’s got to be unthinkable for us even to consider putting a homosexual in the White House as our next president,” he said. “If you’re an American and you love America, you cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.”

Fischer asserted that since the president should be a role model for the nation, then those who participate in “sordid sexual conduct” have no business holding that office. He then absurdly attempted to argue that liberals who criticize President Trump for his various adulteries “have made our argument for us” by agreeing that “what a would-be president does in his private life does matter and is a valid concern for voters.”

As we pointed out the last time Fischer tried to use this specious argument, progressives are not so much criticizing Trump for his past behavior as they are highlighting the transparent hypocrisy of Republican evangelical voters who support Trump despite his various divorces, infidelities, and transgressions while simultaneously claiming to be the party of God and “family values.”

Fischer then tried to insist that Trump’s adultery was less problematic than Buttigieg’s sexual orientation, “because homosexuality puts human body parts to uses that were never intended by nature or by nature’s God.”

Finally, Fischer asserted that “homosexuality is a greater and more manifest threat to human health even than injection drug abuse” and claimed that having a gay president would be even more dangerous than having a president who is “repeatedly, unapologetically, and proudly injecting himself with heroin, cocaine, or meth.”