Brownback Crashes John Wayne’s Birthday

The Des Moines Register reports that some towns in Iowa are trying to keep presidential aspirants away from local parades and other events because of the logistical and security nightmares their presence causes.

As one organizer explained, “We’ve spent three years creating these events and celebration. We want it to be for the people.”

But apparently Sen. Sam Brownback was not one to be deterred:  

Restrictions were also placed on candidates at the John Wayne celebration in Winterset last month. No speeches, for one.

Trask said U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback skirted the speech restriction in Winterset by purchasing a $100 ticket for the VIP dinner during the John Wayne celebration.

“We let him speak for four minutes, and he kept his remarks to John Wayne,” Trask said. “He was a favored candidate of the Wayne family.

Is Brownback really so desperate for votes in Iowa that he plunked down $100 dollars in an attempt to circumvent Winterset’s restrictions?  It sure looks that way.  Or maybe he just really, really wanted to be a part of the John Wayne Birthday Centennial Celebration.   

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