Brownback Called Upon to “Formally Denounce” Lou Engle

Over the last few days, we’ve been noting that Sam Brownback’s ties to Lou Engle have become an issue in the race for Governor in Kansas, with Brownback at first refusing to comment but eventually addressing the issue by trying to downplay the relationship and distance himself from Engle’s views.

As we noted yesterday, that is easier said than done, as Brownback has had deep ties to Engle and his Dominionist associates for years and has played a lead role in turning their religious concerns into public policy.

So now Brownback’s opponent, Tom Holland, is calling on him to not merely voice vague “concerns” about Engle’s unspecified views, but to “formally denounce” Engle once and for all:

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Holland is calling on Senator Sam Brownback to denounce Brownback’s former roommate and confidant, controversial anti-gay preacher Lou Engle …

“I am calling on Senator Brownback to formally denounce Lou Engle – not just “some” of his statements – but his entire message of violence, hate and bigotry. Lou Engle sounds a lot like Fred Phelps. But the difference is unlike Fred Phelps, Lou Engle lived with Sam Brownback in Washington D.C.,” said Holland. “It’s time Sam Brownback stops brushing this issue aside, and make a denouncement on par with the nine year relationship that preceded it.”

Holland is right: Brownback lived with Engle for several months and has had a relationship with him and the various “prophets” and “apostles” with whom he associates that has lasted for year, so he cannot simply say he has “concerns” about “some” of Engle’s views and hope that that settles it.