Broadway Baptist Gets The Boot

Yesterday I wrote a post noting that as Southern Baptist Convention gathered for its annual meeting where it would, among other things, try to figure out how to reverse its declining membership, it was simultaneously considering a recommendation to kick Broadway Baptist Church out of the SBC due to the fact that the church was too welcoming of gays.

Well, the vote has been taken and Broadway has been given the boot:

With no discussion, Southern Baptist Convention messengers Tuesday approved a recommendation to cease the denomination’s relationship with Broadway Baptist Church, a Fort Worth, Texas, congregation that has been the source of controversy over its stance on homosexuality.

The recommendation from the Executive Committee passed on the floor nearly unanimously, capping a focus on the church that began last year when a messenger made a motion asking that the convention declare Broadway Baptist as not “in friendly cooperation” with the denomination.

At issue was whether the church was in violation of Article III of the SBC constitution, which states that churches “which act to affirm, approve, or endorse homosexual behavior” are not in friendly cooperation. Broadway Baptist has approximately five open homosexual members, including two male couples, according to church members. Some of the homosexuals serve on church committees.

Stephen, Wilson, a member of the Executive Committee and vice president for academic affairs at Mid-Continent University, emphasized to Baptist Press that the denomination encourages churches to reach out to people struggling with homosexuality. The issue with Broadway Baptist, though, is over a church allowing members who are homosexual and unrepentant, he said.