Brian Brown: Soros Wants To Destroy ‘Natural’ Families Like Jesus’

In yet another fundraising email savaging philanthropist George Soros as an enemy of the family, global culture warrior Brian Brown, president of the International Organization for the Family (IOF), made a Christmastime departure from the Religious Right’s typical claims that God’s plan for the “natural family” was cemented from the days of Adam and Eve. In an email sent to supporters this week Brown wrote:

As we approach the Christmas holiday and then the end of the year, it’s a time to reflect on the great gift that God gave us – the natural family, one modeled on the Holy Family. Some two millennia ago, a mother, father and baby huddled in a manger, in the company of animals and a choir of angels, as wise men followed a star to pay homage to them, and evil men conspired to destroy them.

The family was under heavy attack even then, as it is today. Please help IOF build a worldwide movement that brings together wise men and women, and wards off evil ones who wish to destroy the family.

Brown isn’t coy about who he considers to be leading the “evil ones”:

George Soros has been hard at work for a very long time trying to remake societies in his leftist image. His vision is a world without borders where the family is deconstructed and replaced by the state and where universal institutions – such as marriage, parenthood and the complementariness of the sexes – are replaced by political policies unmoored from history, tradition or reality itself.

Brown’s email warned that Soros wants a world in which “the state exerts raw, overwhelming power to punish and silence people who do not go along with radical new policies that are imposed on the people.” IOF, he says, is “helping lead a worldwide pro-family movement that is able to resist the Soros machine and uplift traditional values and the natural family.”