Brenden Dilley Laments That Trump Was Not ‘As Authoritarian As We Hoped’

While Joe Biden was being inaugurated as president Wednesday, MAGA “life coach,” Trump-cultist, and proudly amoral right-wing broadcaster Brenden Dilley was using his daily livestream program to lament that former President Donald Trump had not been “nearly as authoritarian as we hoped he would be” during his term in office.

“Many are disappointed that he was not anywhere near as authoritarian as we hoped he would be,” Dilley said. “You wanted him to rule with an iron fist. Many of us had believed that he would do that, including myself at times. I thought he might do some things that would be outside the norms of governance, and instead, you ended up with probably the least authoritarian president I’ve ever seen.”

“I have never seen somebody avoid the overt use of power more so than Donald J. Trump,” he continued. “He was not authoritarian at all. Would not abuse his powers. So much so that when he was leaving, he didn’t even put out any pardons for himself or his family, like most other prior fucking presidents do.” (In fact, no president has pardoned himself.)

“He was the worst dictator we’ve ever had, by far,” Dilley declared. “He just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was heavily, heavily respectful of states’ rights. He was heavily respectful of the rule of law. So much so that he wouldn’t fire the special prosecutor knowing it was a sham witch hunt because he wanted to be fully exonerated. And he was. Even though he held those powers, he just would not abuse the position. And his legacy is gonna be one of those things where you won’t even recognize the brilliance of his administration until you suffer at the hands of the next one.”