Brenda Kunneman Commands a ‘Supernatural Inoculation’ to Cure the World of Coronavirus

Earlier this month, right-wing pastor Hank Kunneman proclaimed that God would protect the United States from the coronavirus outbreak because of the Trump administration’s support for Israel and opposition to abortion.

While the Centers for Disease Control warned today that the spread of the virus in the United States is now all but inevitable, last night Kunneman and his wife Brenda held a “Prophetic Pulse” conference call in which Brenda rebuked the virus and commanded a “supernatural inoculation of the spirit” to come on the Earth and “bring forth healing and a cure.”

“Right now, we speak over this situation with this coronavirus,” she proclaimed. “We say to that virus that the hands of the Lord have come to clap against you and destroy you, and we say that it shall be quarantined by the mercy of the living God.”

“It’s being contained in Europe and Heavenly Father, it’s being contained in various parts of the world,” Brenda Kunneman continued to prophesy. “While they say cases are popping up, we speak a holy containment and a quarantine by the Holy Spirit to go across the land. And we say, ‘Lord, Let the angels of the most high go forth to be commissioned, to walk, and to benefit those that are heirs of salvation.’ But even those that are not part of the covenant, Lord, we ask for your mercy to be upon them and to drive this virus out into the dark places.”

“Let it be cast out from the nations and be contained, and to dissolve, and to be broken and neutralized by the power of the living God,” Kunneman declared. “We say, ‘Coronavirus, be neutralized in the name of Jesus and lose your power.’ We command that demon that is going forth, we say in Jesus’ name that it loses its strength and this thing dissipates, and even a supernatural inoculation of the spirit comes now and brings forth healing and a cure.”