Breitbart Bureau Chief: Restricting Immigration Is ‘What Makes The World Rich And Diverse’

Breitbart Rome bureau chief Thomas Williams speaks at Swiss Media Forum in 2017. (Screenshot / Vimeo)

Thomas Williams, bureau chief for Breitbart Rome, told Breitbart listeners that he believed that a “naïve unwillingness to look at the hard facts” is what makes some Christians support policies that protect immigrants and that those Christians are playing into a “globalist agenda.” He added that avoiding “multiethnic hodgepodge” is what brings true diversity to the world.

Williams appeared on “Breitbart News Daily” this morning with host and Breitbart editor Matthew Boyle to discuss the Catholic Church’s stance against anti-immigrant violence and rhetoric. While discussing the topic, Boyle asked Williams what he believed possible reasons were for the Church’s defense of immigrants.

Boyle asked, “In some parts of the western world, they don’t have full churches, right? So if they have people coming in from the third world that are going to go to church they want them to come, right?”

Williams said he disagreed with Boyle because “most of the migrants we’re getting right now from Africa are Muslims. It’s not really so much a question of filling churches. I think it’s kind of just the leftist knee-jerk reaction of, ‘It’s the nice thing to do. It’s the Christian thing to do.’ It’s kind of a naïve unwillingness to look at the hard facts and to think, ‘Oh this is a nice way of being, this is what Jesus would do. Jesus loved everybody so he would let everybody come in.’”

“I think it’s really just that kind of milksoppy Christianity-lite that is weighing more than anything here and it plays into the hands of those who have other motives and economic motives—people like George Soros and people that are pushing for open borders for other reasons. It also plays into a globalist agenda where you really don’t want there to be individual cultures. You don’t want there to be an Italian culture or a French culture or a German culture, you want everybody to look the same and be cosmopolitan like New York City. And, frankly, most of us don’t want that,” Williams said. “We want sovereign states. We want Italy to look like Italy and France to look like France. It’s kind of what makes the world rich and diverse, not to have everything look like a multiethnic hodgepodge.”

Correction (2/9/18): The original version of this article incorrectly identified the host of “Breitbart News Daily” on February 8 as Breitbart editor Alex Marlow. Breitbart editor Matthew Boyle hosted the program on February 8, 2018.