Bozell Reinterprets ‘Philomena’ To Better Suit His Right Wing Views

The Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell is not happy with the new film “Philomena” which he claims is virulently anti-Catholic for its story about – SPOILER ALERT – a young, unmarried Irish woman who became pregnant in the early 1950s and was sent off to a convent, where she worked as a servant in the laundry and raised her child until he was three, at which point he was taken from her and adopted away by an American family. Decades later, she tracks down her son with the help of a journalist and discovers that he’s working for the Reagan administration and is gay and eventually dies of AIDS.

But Bozell does not like that interpretation of events, so he re-framed the entire film on Steve Malzberg’s program earlier this week (about 5:00 in) to better suit his right-wing views:

If you step back and you think about it for a second, a whole different story appears.

Number one: This is a young woman who becomes pregnant. Who takes her in? Catholic nuns.

Number two: How do Catholic nuns pay for this? They have to work. All of them have to work for alms to keep the doors open. Therefore she works like everyone else works.

Number three: The child is taken from her at age three. Catholic nuns don’t go around taking children at age three!  Obviously something happened. Obviously she was too young and had to give the child up or obviously she did something wrong. But the child isn’t taken from her; the child is adopted by loving parents.

Number four: This son who was a gay speechwriter for Ronald Reagan? Big deal that he was. In fact, he died in 1995. Do you know where he’s buried? At the monastery with the nuns.