Boykin: “Persecution” Of Christian Soldiers, Politicians A Sign Of The End Times

Boykin: Persecution Of Christian Soldiers A Sign Of The End Times Former Lt. General Jerry Boykin has emerged as a Religious Right hero as a leading opponent of civil rights for American Muslims, fervent critic of President Obama, and a rigid supporter of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Boykin also presents himself as the victim of anti-Christian persecution when he was reprimanded after he delivered a speech in uniform during which he said he was part of an “army of God” fighting “Satan,” and that the Muslim warlords he fought worshipped an “idol.”

Yesterday, in an interview with Janet Parshall, Boykin argued that the “persecution” of Christian soldiers and public figures was actually a sign of the End Times:

Boykin: Jesus tells us in Luke 21 that before all the signs of His return ultimately are completed that they will take us before kings and rulers and persecute us in His name. And that is, just scripture, that’s prophesy, and I think we’re seeing that persecution now of Christians, particularly of Christians in uniform, Christians that are prominent Christians, Christians that are in the public eye. That persecution is going to increase as we come closer to the time of Jesus’ return.

Boykin has consistently warned that Christians like himself were encountering discrimination and that religious soldiers will be negatively impacted by the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network that the “presence of people who are homosexual has a divisive effect” on the military as “one person who would demonstrate what I consider to be aberrant behavior can really tear up the integrity of the organization.” Now, it appears that this supposed persecution signals the Second Coming.