Boykin: “It Is Time For The Church To Rise Up Like A Mighty Army”

At the Values Voter Summit, Jerry Boykin repeated his claim that the church must stand up to progressive groups like the ACLU, MoveOn, and Code Pink, telling the audience that unlike liberals they have God on their side. Boykin went on to hail Tony Perkins and John McCain for fighting to block the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, warning that the church must not make the same mistake of staying “silent” as it did during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell debate.


Boykin: You don’t go into battle afraid of your enemy, you just simply don’t, you have to go in knowing that you will be victorious. You know it is important that we develop the attitude that we’re going to win because we have the ultimate force-multiplier with us, and that is God Himself, the Holy Spirit. You know, nobody in this country fought a greater fight to stop the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell than Tony Perkins, he used every resource he had to try and stop the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And you know who led the charge in our government to try and stop this repeal? That was John McCain. John McCain led the charge and John McCain kept turning to Tony Perkins, saying, ‘Where’s the church? Where are the spiritual leaders that are going to come along beside me, that are going to stand up with me?’ The answer was they were silent, the church was silent, and it is time for the Church to rise up like a mighty army.