Boykin: Christians Must Go On The Offensive Against Islam

Last week, Brian noted that several of the leaders involved in Lou Engle’s upcoming “The Call” rally in Detroit have been pleading ignorance about the anti-Islam agenda that is driving the event.

“The Call” founder Lou Engle has made it abundantly clear that he chose to hold the event in Detroit in order to target the state’s Muslim population for conversion, especially in the nearby city of Dearborn.  

But Engle is not alone in organizing this event and several of the other organizers of the prayer rally are professional anti-Muslim activists. 

In fact, Rick Warzywak of Transformation Michigan was tasked by Lou Engle to take the lead in organizing the Detroit event and, as part of that process, Warzywak put together a leadership team that featured Rick Joyner and Gen. Jerry Boykin, both of The Oak Initiative:

Joyner is an anti-Muslim activist who declares that Muslims are enslaved by Islam and the only reason he doesn’t want to see the Quran burned is so that people will read it just to see how bizarre it is:

Boykin, for his part, was the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under Donald Rumsfeld until he resigned after video emerged of him proclaiming that that US was engaged in a spiritual war against Islam.

Since then, he has become a full-time anti-Islam activist, serving as team leader for the “Shariah: The Threat To America” report while constantly attacking Islam and telling anyone who will listen to Islam does not deserve First Amendment protections and Muslims should be prohibited from building mosques in America, while warning that the Muslim Brotherhood is on the verge of taking over the United States, so much so that he fears that his granddaughters will be forced to wear burkas.

As Boykin sees it, there can be no interfaith dialogue among Christians and Muslims because the two faiths are at war … and, as Boykin explained to Transformation Michigan, it is time for Christians to “go on the offensive” and take the fight to the enemy by claiming vacant lots in the name of Jesus so that Muslims cannot use them to build mosques: