Bonus Tracks: ‘If You Scratch His Orange Skin, He’s Black Underneath’

  • Right-wing radio host Dave Janda stands by his assertion that former CIA director John Brennan will soon be arrested.
  • A columnist for The Federalist writes about QAnon: “QAnon’s appeal is multi-faceted. Like all good conspiracies, it gets a few things right.”
  • Right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin is very frustrated that “horrible people” who are raping and trafficking children are rich and famous while brave truth-tellers like her are blacklisted and harassed about parking tickets.
  • The United States deported a Nazi concentration camp guard who had been living in the United States for decades. Despite the fact that President Trump had little to do with the decision, pro-Trump propagandist Jack Posobiec declared, “Trump just won the award for Worst Nazi of All Time.”
  • Family Research Council president Tony Perkins told a caller during his daily radio show yesterday that many Religious Right activists are contemplating scaling back their use of social media and returning to older technologies, citing the alleged censorship of conservatives online.
  • Finally, right-wing radio host Bill Deagle says that Trump is so pro-black that “if you scratch his orange skin, he’s black underneath.”