Bolton’s Book Is Sign of ‘Demonic Battle’ in Washington, Says Trump ‘Prophet’ Lance Wallnau  

Lance Wallnau talking about Seven Mountains Dominionism at the 2018 Values Voter Summit (Photo by Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Lance Wallnau, a Trump-promoting “prophetic” author and speaker, denounced former National Security Advisor John Bolton for writing a book about his time in the Trump White House in a video posted to YouTube Friday. Wallnau, a proponent of Seven Mountains dominionism, portrayed Washington, D.C., as a center of spiritual warfare and said the media, “under the influence of darkness,” is “weaponized” against President Donald Trump.

“This isn’t fair at all,” Wallnau said of the impeachment process. “This is a demonic battle over the minds of individuals in Washington, and Bolton failed that great test, to pass up the money and the opportunism with an offended ego and put principle above his own personal prosperity.” Discussing Bolton’s decision to publish his book, Wallnau said, “how cheap, how tawdry, how reprehensible, how sick.”

Bolton had submitted “The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir” to the National Security Council for a review to determine whether it contained classified information. Leaks from the book’s manuscript threw a bombshell into impeachment proceedings this week, adding to calls for the Senate to hear from witnesses, but Republican senators have closed ranks around Trump and appear to be heading for a Friday afternoon vote to end the impeachment trial without hearing from Bolton or any other witnesses.The White House has reportedly threatened Bolton and his publisher over the book.

Wallnau portrayed Bolton’s book as a betrayal and a “cash grab.” He said he had once been supportive of Bolton’s hiring and his reputation as “someone we could rely on,” someone with a sense of “mission and purpose and clarity.” But, Wallnau said, Trump made the mistake of bruising Bolton’s ego while pushing him out the door.

Wallnau attributed Bolton’s “betrayal” of Trump as a sign of “the same madness that happens to other people in the Beltway,” citing conservative columnist George Will’s advice to Democrats on how to defeat Trump. “Imagine the immense pressure of spiritual warfare in that center of power that is the city that has more global impact than any other city,” Wallnau said.

Seven Mountains dominionists like Wallnau argue that society can be transformed by putting what they consider the right kind of Christians in control of the “mountains” of influence in society, like government, education, media, and entertainment.

“The higher you go up in the mountain, the more exposure you have to warfare,” Wallnau said. “And what does that warfare do? It’s a bombardment in your thought process to warp and twist the way that you think. That’s why intercession is so critical.”

Wallnau praised Trump’s combativeness, saying, “This man was built for this moment in history,” though he recognized it could sometimes cause him problems. Wallnau embraced some Trumpian insults, describing CNN’s Don Lemon as “a low IQ guy.” And Wallnau even claimed, without explanation, that Chief Justice John Roberts had revealed himself during the impeachment trial to be a “never Trumper.”

Wallnau acknowledged that most Americans have wanted the Senate to hear from witnesses, but he attributed that to most people being “low-information voters.” Trump didn’t want Bolton to testify, he said, because he doesn’t want him revealing what Trump thinks about foreign leaders.

“And,” Wallnau added, “these demonic inquisitors, they’ll needle this data out, they’ll tease out everything they can to perplex and harass and destroy this president’s efficiency and effectiveness. So we don’t need, and Trump doesn’t need, that additional complexity by having Bolton revealing his thoughts.”