Blast From the Past: Remembering The May Day Prayer Rally

Yesterday, Alvin McEwen discovered that Theresa Cao, the Birther arrested for screaming “Help Us Jesus” during the reading of the Constitution in House of Representative, had also participated in the “May Day 2010 – A Cry To God” rally that Janet Porter organized last year (the one that ended up costing her her radio program):

This reminded me that we lost a lot of videos when our YouTube account was shut down last year and that might be a good idea to start reposting some of them – so why not start with videos from this rally like this compilation from the hour spent seeking “Repentance for the Mountain of Arts & Entertainment” during which Ted Baehr repented for the movie “The Runaways” with its sex, and drugs, and rock and roll, while others repented for Los Angeles and its role as the home of the pornography industry and eventually, Janet Porter repented for all the time and money Christians have given to an industry that hates God and prayed that Christians will gain control over the industry and take dominion until Christ return, which was followed by a woman from Minnesota who repented for her state having elected the first Muslim to Congress … and then eventually God showed up:

And while I am at it, why not repost Peter LaBarbera’s prayer of repentance for allowing “homosexual activists … to fulfill their wicked plan of turning America’s schools, public and sometimes private, into homosexuality promotion zones”: