Blaming Rifqa Bary’s Parents For the Right Wing Holy War

Sometimes you just have to marvel at the utter cluelessness of some of the right-wing activists who have gotten involved in the Rifqa Bary saga.

Yesterday, we noted that Bary’s parents had filed a complaint against Blake and Beverly Lorenz, the Florida couple who harbored her after she ran-away from Ohio.

Today, Tom Trento, the director of the Florida Security Council, weighed in to assert that Bary’s parents were filing reckless and unfounded complaints and accuse them of trying to turn the battle over Rifqa into a fight between Islam and Christianity:

Tom Trento is director of the Florida Security Council, which has supported the girl’s efforts to remain in Florida. He explains the tactic being employed by the attorney for the teen’s parents.

“They hired this new Jihadi lawyer, who’s trying to present this as a battle between Islam and Christianity, when it’s simply a legal issue over abuse, over threats of life, all of that,” says Trento.

Now, keep in mind that Trento’s Family Security Council created this Rifqa Bary website as part of Trento’s proclaimed “worldwide mission to alert the public about the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

And on that website is this introductory video featuring Trento explaining that the website is designed to “help you understand the critical elements of this watershed issue, about the battle between Islam and Christianity,” saying that “at its core, [this is] a battle between American constitutional jurisprudence and Islamic sharia law”:

And it’s Bary’s parents that are trying to turn this into “a battle between Islam and Christianity”?