Bishop Jackson Defends His Anti-Gay Activism

Just yesterday, Bishop Harry Jackson used his syndicated column to attack the Washington Post for its coverage and stance on the issue of marriage equality in the District of Columbia (having apparently forgotten all about the puff piece the paper ran on his last year).

So it was a little odd to see him show up as the focus in this new “Faith Complex” video in the Post’s “On Faith” section.  Most of the interview revolves around Jackson’s anti-marriage activism in DC , but around the 6:30 mark, host Jacques Berlinerblau asks him how he’d react to the news that a well-educated, well-to-do Black gay couple wanting to adopted a young black child and Jackson struggled to explain his position, saying that he could only support such a move if he “had no other choice” and even then, he’d be very reluctant and would want assurances that it wouldn’t cause “further psychological damage” to the child.

Later, around the 9:30 mark, Berlinerblau asked Jackson how he feels, given his professed commitment to civil rights, to think that by his activism he is denying another minority group their civil rights.  Predictably, Jackson responded by saying that it was actually his civil rights that were being denied by the District’s refusal to allow him to vote on the issue of marriage equality: