Billy Graham’s Granddaughter Joins RNC Speaking Lineup

Cissie Graham Lynch is daughter of Franklin Graham and granddaughter of the late Billy Graham (Photo from

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody excitedly tweeted Tuesday morning that Billy Graham’s granddaughter has been added to the speaker’s lineup for the second night of the Republican National Convention. Cissie Graham Lynch works for two groups run by her father, Franklin Graham, who is more aggressively political and partisan than his late evangelist father and is also scheduled to speak at the convention Thursday.

Lynch “serves on the Executive Evangelical Advisory Board of President Trump’s Faith Advisory Council,” according to her online bio, and hosts a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association podcast called “Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch: Fearless Faith in a Compromising Culture.”

Lynch has been on the Trump train for a long time. In October 2016, one week after the Access Hollywood tape of Trump bragging about his ability to grab women “by the pussy” and get away with it, Lynch published a blog post titled “Unapologetically voting for Trump.”

The post was aimed directly at Christians who couldn’t stomach the idea of voting for Trump, and it focused on the future of the Supreme Court:

I would suggest you to ask yourself what the most serious issues are that lie ahead for this country. My greatest concern for our country is the direction of the Supreme Court. If there is only one reason for Christians to vote, this is it.

During the next eight years there will likely be five vacancies in the Supreme Court. Depending on the next president’s ideology, that could weigh the bias to a 7-2 vote. The next president will hold this great power. It will affect an entire generation. If Hillary Clinton wins and appoints the next five vacancies in the Supreme Court, I will probably never see another conservative decision made by that court in my lifetime. As a mother who has two babies, this is truly terrifying. Our religious freedom stands as an open target to be diminished. The persecution we can see happening to Christians in other countries around the world is knocking on our doorstep and being threatened right here in the U.S.

Among the other reasons she gave for supporting Trump was that she has “continually seen Trump surround himself with godly counsel”—men like Jerry Falwell Jr.