Bill Mitchell’s Brilliant Plan to Make Trump’s Border Wall ‘One of the Greatest Monuments to American Sovereignty Ever’

On last night’s “YourVoice America” program, ardent pro-Trump commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Bill Mitchell laid out his vision for President Trump’s proposed southern border wall, which involves drones, motion detectors, electrification, zero-friction paint, “enterprise zones,” and a giant glorious mural.

“The wall is the best idea. The wall must happen. The wall will happen,” Mitchell declared. “On the steel wall, electrify the thing. Electrify it so it’s not easy to just grab a hold of that thing and climb it. Also, they have paints and coatings that you can put on things that are like almost zero-friction. So put a zero-friction coating on this thing. You see these people climbing the wall? They won’t be able to climb it because it has that high [sic] friction, you won’t be able to get a grip.”

“Also, put ground motion detectors throughout the wall so if somebody is digging a tunnel underneath the wall,” he continued, “they can send drones out to check out the area, scan the area, and if they see any activity that looks like digging or tunneling, they can go back and actually send troops or ICE agents or border agents to go out there and stop that activity from happening.”

“On the American side of the wall,” Mitchell recommend, “paint huge murals down the wall of great moments in American history. Make it beautiful. Create enterprise zones in the first two or three hundred yards past the wall where people can start business; open malls, open businesses, open manufacturing facilities on this side of the wall with like a big tax break for doing that.”

“So many different things you can do with the wall to make it not just a wall, not an eyesore, but an actual monument, one of the greatest monuments to American sovereignty ever,” Mitchell declared. “It’s going to be incredible. It’s going to happen. Count on it.”