Bill Mitchell Cannibalized after Revoking Promise to Move to DC

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Pro-Trump sycophant and QAnon-supporting radio host Bill Mitchell is taking heat from his fellow travelers in the pro-Trump movement after soliciting contributions from his viewers to fund a move of his operation to Washington, D.C., but choosing to locate himself in Miami instead.

On May 5, Mitchell announced that he had decided to move his web-based video outlet to the nation’s capital to be better situated to cover the 2020 elections in his pro-Trump style. Mitchell asked his listeners to chip in to help facilitate the move, and directed them to a GoFundMe fundraising page. Mitchell said he planned to move about 90 days after he announced his relocation.

“I can have people from D.C., these congressmen, these senators, the leaders, the movers and shakers, come right into the studio and meet with me and interview with me going into 2020,” Mitchell said at the time. “So, [YourVoice America] is moving their headquarters to Washington, D.C.—very, very exciting times ahead on that.”

The GoFundMe page he directed listeners to had raised more than $14,000 at the time of this article. But on August 6, Mitchell announced he would be moving “back to Miami” instead of going to Washington as he had told his viewers.

Since Mitchell announced that he would instead move to Miami, one angry comment has appeared on the GoFundMe page. “100% of this money should be refunded. Bill never moved to DC and is in Miami instead,” the commenter wrote.

Mitchell put out a range of explanations to justify his decision to move to Miami instead of Washington, ranging from high taxes in the capital city to the nice weather on the Florida coast. He defended his decision, insisting the money donated was still being used to support his program.

A swarm of outraged pro-Trump personalities slung allegations at Mitchell, demanding that he refund the money he raised to those who sent it to him thinking it would go toward a D.C. studio, with the promise of increased access to national leaders. Accounts associated with far-right wing of the pro-Trump movement piled on, contributing to a longstanding animosity many have directed at Mitchell.

Mitchell responded to criticism on Twitter, stating: “the GoFundMe said NOTHING about DC.  I sent a few tweets that mentioned DC but hundreds which did not.  The plan was for DC but Miami is MUCH better for #MAGA as everyone will soon learn but I am not yet free to divulge.” In a follow-up to that post, Mitchell wrote, “During my work to relocate to DC (several trips), I was made an offer which will position me to literally change the social media experience for everyone in the Trump family.”

Simultaneously, Mitchell came under fire for supporting President Trump’s support of what Mitchell called “common-sense gun laws,” which include red-flag laws, a kind of gun legislation that enables authorities to temporarily remove firearms from a gun-owner whom friends or family have alerted authorities is someone who poses risks to others or themselves. Mitchell was torn apart online for his position before he deleted a tweet claiming it had all been a ruse.

Mitchell did not respond to Right Wing Watch’s request for comment via email.