Bill Deagle: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Gonna Die and Her Soul Will Be Harvested by the Dark Side’

Bill Deagle, a radical right-wing radio host and nutritional supplement proprietor, recently declared that Hillary Clinton “is gonna die soon” and that “her soul will be harvested by the dark side” because her family “cursed her” when she was a child.

While interviewing fellow right-wing conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein on his radio program on Monday, Deagle put his medical and theological expertise to work predicting the fates of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“Bill Clinton is sitting with multi-vessel cardiac and vascular disease,” Deagle stated. “He’s probably not going to be around in a few years.”

“Hillary Clinton is in end stage Parkinson’s disease and she’s having these choking spells because that’s what happens when you get to the end stage of it,” he added. “As a result, she’s going to die soon. So this idea that she’s going to run [for president] again or be a king or queen-maker, no, not going to happen. She’s gonna die and her soul will be harvested by the dark side, by the devil and his minions.”

“She is the victim of an evil family that cursed her as a little girl and made her enveloped by a trans-dimensional demonic entity,” Deagle said. “Same way as many of these people who are at a high level in [Free] Masonry, they give their soul over to the dark side and then it’s too damn late, they don’t realize what they’ve done.”