Bigotry Pays Off

The Associated Press reports that Vernon Robinson’s outrageous electoral antics are paying nice dividends

Vernon Robinson, a conservative Republican who has never held any office higher than city councilman, continues to rank among the nation’s most successful congressional fundraisers after raking in more than $520,000 in the past 2 1/2 months.

Of course, the article goes on to note that the vast majority of his funding has come from out of state

Part of what makes Robinson’s numbers remarkable is that he has never held a political office outside of the Winston-Salem City Council, where he won two terms before losing a re-election bid last year. He operates largely alone, with very little financial support from political committees and his own party. More than 99 percent of his money comes from individual donors, with 80 percent originating outside of North Carolina.

Thus, while many on the Right would love nothing more than to see Robinson elected, that view is apparently not shared by the people of North Carolina.

Considering that Robinson is running as an over-the-top Republican in a predominantly Democratic district, North Carolina State University political science professor Andy Taylor says that “Giving money to Vernon is like flushing it down the toilet.”

Which is appropriate, as that is where Robinson’s entire campaign is based.

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