‘Bigfoot Erotica’ GOP Candidate Tries To Rehab His Image On CRTV

Virginia Republican congressional candidate Denver Riggleman has turned to Mark Levin’s CRTV outlet to defend his reputation after his opponent, Democrat Leslie Cockburn, drew attention to an Instagram post from Riggleman that featured an erotic sketch of Bigfoot.

More notable, however, is the fact that Riggleman has campaigned alongside white supremacists such as Isaac Smith of Unity and Security for America, and has not rescinded his endorsement of Virginia Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart in the wake of revelations of Stewart’s ties to neo-Confederate and white nationalist activists. But given CRTV’s conservative slant, it’s entirely predictable that the network would rather help Riggleman rehab his image.

In a segment for CRTV program “Kibbe On Liberty,” libertarian host Matt Kibbe visited Riggleman to ask him to clarify his connection to the world of Bigfoot erotica

“Just to let everyone know, I’m skeptical,” Riggleman said.

Riggleman goes on to explain his elaborate knowledge of Bigfoot lore and says he’s happy he fought for the freedom for people to “believe in any kind of Bigfoot you want.” He then proceeded to brush off his Bigfoot erotica post as a practical joke.

“I love the fact that I’m fighting for the freedom to people, that I fought for that freedom that you can believe in any type of Bigfoot that you want. You know, what is the true Bigfoot?” Riggleman said.