Better Late Than Never

Dan Gilgoff catches the McCain campaign rolling out an “Americans of Faith” section of its website – one week before the election – and he is decidedly unimpressed:

Months after rolling out pages for “American Indians for McCain and “Arab Americans for McCain,” the McCain camp has added an “Americans of Faith” page to its web site.

Not much to the page, just short explanations–none more than 105 words–of McCain’s stances in four areas: “Judicial Philosophy,” “Protecting Marriage,” “Human Dignity and Life,” “Service, Community and Values.”

In fact, the page is so rudimentary that GOM has decided to lower McCain’s reading.

It tells you just how amazingly ill-planned and poorly executed McCain’s outreach to the Right has been that he is rolling out a new webpage aimed at them at the last minute – so much so that it led Gilgoff to actually lower McCain’s God-O-Meter rating.

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