Better Courts Now Founder Hosted CADC Series Attacking Obama’s Christian Faith

I’ve already written a few posts about Better Courts Now, the right-wing group that is seeking to get judges with a Christian bias elected to the courts in California, and eventually nationwide, and has endorsed a slate of candidates who are vowing to carry out God’s will if elected to the bench.

But it wasn’t until I just watched this piece on the group from Fox 5 in San Diego that I recognized Better Courts Now’s founder: 

The organization was founded by Don Hamer who passed away shortly thereafter and the group has since been taken over by Brian Hendry.   

But I recognized Hamer from the 7-part video series produced by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission during the 2008 election attacking President Obama’s Christian faith in which Hamer asserted that Obama is “not a Christian by any Biblical or historic measure” and declares that Obama’s statements of faith were nothing but stunning examples of “subtle, diabolical deceit”: