Bennett Slams Obama as Lacking Moral Clarity about America

Former secretary of Education William “Bill” Bennett said that Barack Obama had too many criticisms of the United States, and noted that after the September 11 attacks, Barack Obama had written in a local newspaper in Chicago that as a country we needed to begin raising the hopes…of embittered children across the world and within our own shores.

Bennett then asked, was that “truly the time to start looking down at out shoes?” Was looking in the mirror where we needed to look first?
Bennett mentioned that at the convention in Denver, Obama had said that we all put our country first, but, said Bennett “some emphatically do not.”
Bennett then named Pastor Jeremiah Wright and former radical activist Bill Ayers, both friends of Obama, as examples of people who do not put America first.
Bennett then addressed himself to Obama, saying “Sen. Obama, we do not all put our country first.”
Bennett said that Obama was too ambivalent about the US to become its leader; whereas McCain had “moral clarity about America…if you do not have that…” do not apply for the job as President.
William Bennett