Beck Wants Fake Interpreter’s Bloodstream Tested ‘To Find Out If Anybody Jacked Him On Anything’

Glenn Beck spent a segment of his radio show today discussing the truly bizarre story about the fake sign language interpreter used during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela who was subsequently discovered to have a history of violence and mental illness.

Nobody seems to know how this person ended up on stage, standing just feet away from world leaders, but Beck is pretty positive that something sinister was at work and wants this man’s blood tested “to find out if anybody jacked him on anything” in order to cause him to attack someone or cause a commotion or who knows what during the service. 

“This is exactly the kind of guy,” Beck said, “you hire to stand next to all of the world leaders at something like this hoping that he will do something. I believe it is not unreasonable to check his bloodstream to find out if anybody jacked him on anything to have him hallucinate … It might have just been enough to say somebody cause some kind of problem at this, for whatever the reason. But something is really wrong here”:

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