Beck Cites OH House of Prayer As Key To Saving America

Glenn Beck took his program (and self-aggrandizement) to Wilmington, OH yesterday and while he was there he reportedly experienced “four miracles,” with one of them being the Wilmington House of Prayer:

The mobile stage was located along the Mulberry Street edge of the downtown Main Street block where the General Denver Hotel and the Samuel Walker’s Memorial Building are historical bookends. Nearby is a community prayer room that occupies the building that has a farmers market mural on an exterior wall. Called Burn 24/7 in reference to building a “firewall” of prayer, the prayer room is a ministry of the Wilmington House of Prayer and a dozen Wilmington churches.

Remarkably, it is open around-the-clock and usually has at least one person inside praying for local people.

Pointing to the place, Beck said he believes with his entire being in the prayer room, and it is that sort of thing that can change America.

This sounds a lot like the International House of Prayer out of which Lou Engle operates that is, as we recently noted, dedicated to preparing students for the End Times.

You know, if someone were to give me a chalkboard and the show on Fox, I could easily spin this out into a huge conspiracy theory about how Beck is secretly planning to bring about the end of the world.