Because What America Needs Now Is Another Right-Wing Group

We’ve already written a few posts about a new group billing itself as The Faith and Freedom Institute, an affiliate of Faith and Action, which has pledged to rid America of “satanic wickedness” and bring the nation to Christ “in order to save the nation from the judgment of God.”

Now WJAC TV in Pennsylvania has run a short profile of the new group in which its leader, Gary Dull, asserts that they are needed now more than ever because the Ten Commandments and Christmas are under attack and warns that “since we’ve taken God out of the center of what we are doing as a nation, we see so many adverse effects” and we are now on a “downward slope”:

An Altoona pastor is receiving national attention as he’s joined forces with two other ministries in an effort he said will bring America back to its Christian roots.

Pastor Gary Dull of the Faith Baptist Church in Altoona is one of the leaders spearheading the “Faith and Freedom Institute.”

“When we look back in history we find that many times when the nation came up against a crisis, such as we are today, with the economic crisis, the national leaders would literally call for prayer,” Dull said.

The institute’s mission is to educate Americans on the Christian values that our country was founded on.

Dull said he’s hoping to host a pastor’s conference in the fall.

He’s been in touch with other pastors in Florida, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Illinois. He’s hoping other church leaders will be the first to spread the institute’s message to their congregations.

The institute is also planning a radio talk show, “Sound of the Trumpet.” It’s expected to start this summer.

There are already dozen, if not hundreds, of groups just like this all over the country and, from what little we’ve been able to garner from the limited press this new group has received, nothing the Faith and Freedom Institute is going to do is going to be in any way different from anything all of the other groups are doing.

Defending the Ten Commandment and Christmas?  Please, there are literally dozens of groups with the same mission.  Reversing the nation’s “downward spiral” into Godless?  Get in line behind Vision America, Faith 2 Action, Wallbuilders, and the countless other groups created for the very same purpose.

Is Dull really unaware that there are already multiple groups doing the very same thing that his new groups intends to do?  Does he really think that what is needed now is one more right-wing group to add its voice to the cacaphony? 

Frankly, if these sorts of right-wing efforts were effective, Dull’s group wouldn’t even be necessary as the dozens of other groups committed to this same mission would have already saved the Ten Commandments and Christmas and reversed the nation’s descent into heathenism.

But they haven’t, as evidenced by that fact that Dull thinks that what is needed is a new group dedicated to exactly the same mission.