Bauer Warns God Will Lift His Protection From America

During the Values Voter Summit, Gary Bauer told his audience that terrorists were poised to detonate a nuclear dirty bomb here in the US and so they had better vote for John McCain.  

Now, via Sarah Posner, we see that Bauer issued an even more dire warning when he recently appeared on Rod Parsley’s “Breakthrough”

Religious-right honchos are girding the troops for political apocalypse. Townhall magazine, owned by Salem Communications, one of the largest Christian broadcasters in the country, ran a September feature, “Obamageddon: Could We Survive a Barack Presidency?” This month evangelical publishing giant Stephen Strang, whose magazine Charisma endorsed McCain, predicted that “life as we know it will end if Obama is elected.” Last week, the political arm of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family sent out a “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America”, a 16-page parade of horribles, and talk radio show host Janet Porter imagined that Christians will be imprisoned with Obama in the Oval Office.

Christian right activist and McCain supporter Gary Bauer openly worried to televangelist Rod Parsley that an Obama presidency could mean that “God could take his hand of protection off of America.” Further economic woes? A national security or military crisis? Don’t blame the morally bankrupt party that the religious right has enabled for the past three decades. Blame Obamageddon.

Here’s the video in which Bauer explains to Parsley that America was founded on the idea that “only a virtuous people could remain free” and that, for the last several decades, we’ve been “throwing the idea of virtue right out the window.”  Bauer warns that if the nation does not re-discover the idea that it is to be a nation governed by “ordered liberty under God” we will face disaster because “at some point, God could take his hand of protection off of America”: