Bauer: Help Us Fox News, You’re Our Only Hope

Gary Bauer says that if it wasn’t for Fox News, President Obama would have already turned America into a totalitarian dictatorship:

I have always felt sorry for people who find themselves in the darkness of authoritarian societies where basic freedoms are denied. Imagine not being able to peaceably assemble, worship your God or speak your mind. Imagine if every news outlet merely parroted the line of the government rather than exposing corruption and oppression.

If we aren’t careful, we might not have to image such a world. We may actually experience it. From the moment Barack Obama appeared on the political scene through his presidency to date, too much of the American media have acted like a state-run media, failing to expose corruption and abuses of power.

In fact, if not for the few voices of dissent on talk radio, Fox News and a few other outlets, the Obama administration would have achieved by default an alarming, historic first: an American state-run media.