Bauer Expects Great Things From Palin

Several days have passed since Sarah Palin abruptly announced that she was resigning from her position as Governor of Alaska for utterly unknown reasons. 

Interestingly, many of Palin’s most vocal supporters who positively gushed when John McCain plucked her from obscurity as his running mate last fall have made no public comment on her decision. 

In fact, the only statements we have been able to find have come from Susan B. Anthony List, which founded Team Sarah shortly after the election, vowing to continue to support her in all of her future endeavors, whatever they may be:

“Sarah Palin has always been an intensely independent woman — always true to her faith, her family and call to public service. She has taken vast numbers of Americans to a new place: politics without cynicism. And she has provided women with a new political role model,” said Team Sarah Co-Founder Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Her entrance onto the public stage has had an immensely positive effect, drawing in massive numbers of Americans new to the political process. We have every confidence she will have an equal and profound impact in whatever projects she undertakes now.”

“Team Sarah members anxiously await Palin’s next decision on how she believes she can best serve our nation. Since the 2008 Election, the continual presence of personal attacks on both Governor Palin and her family indicate that she remains a threat to the liberal feminist political establishment,” said Team Sarah Co-Founder Jane Abraham. “Despite criticism, Governor Palin’s success will endure. Team Sarah’s thousands of members remain as engaged as ever on The Governor has inspired millions, and her audience of enthusiastic support will only grow in the future.”

The only other Religious Right figure to weigh in with a statement was Gary Bauer in order to predict that we would see great things from Palin in the near future:

Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer on July 4th said that reports of Sarah Palin’s political demise were “premature and reflect more the hopes and dreams of liberal analysts than actual reality.”

The chairman of the Campaign for Working Families made the following statement:

“No Republican can get the GOP nomination for president or win the White House without the Values wing of the party. Given that reality, I have no doubt that between now and 2012 a leader will emerge.

“For the media, the race is clearly in full swing, especially in regards to Sarah Palin. Reports of Sarah Palin’s political death are highly exaggerated and reflect more the biases of the prophets, soothsayers and media talking heads than it does the political reality. Sarah Palin is a force in the GOP and one of the most promising figures in American politics whether she is governor of Alaska or not. It is totally premature to interpret Sarah Palin’s announcement as a withdraw from American politics. A year from now, a lot of pundits may be eating their words.”

It seems that Bauer fully expects Palin, once freed of her governing responsibilities, to emerge as figure around which the Religious Right will unify heading into 2012.