Bauer Calls Upon Religious Leaders To “Step Up” And Preach Against Planned Parenthood This Weekend

Today was day two of James Dobson’s attack on Planned Parenthood, only today Rick Santorum was replaced with Rep. Mike Pence, while Gary Bauer returned and called up priests and pastors to use this Sunday to preach against Planned Parenthood and get their congregations to contact their members of Congress to cut off funding because “it’s not politics, it’s a moral issue”:

For the pastors and priests and other religious leaders who are listening to this show, you know this Sunday you could to a tremendous service for your congregation by educating them on how they could have an impact on saving these babies. They don’t have to stand outside a clinic, they don’t have to go to some big demonstration which a lot of people are uncomfortable doing, unfortunately. They only have to make a phone call. So by using the information that Dr. Dobson and Congressman Pence are giving you today – it’s not politics, it’s a moral issue about whether our children are going to be welcomed into the world and protected by the law. So I encourage those pastors to step up and do that this Sunday.