Barton Stumps for McCain

We knew that David Barton was out there doing his part to help elect Republicans, raising money for Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, explaining to Christian audiences the importance of the Supreme Court and how the GOP and God both share the same agenda

We also knew that he was supporting John McCain but we had no idea that he was actually out there on the trail on behalf of the McCain-Palin campaign: 

Fred Thompson, former U.S. senator from Tennessee, told a local crowd Wednesday that the chance to talk about guns and God is his kind of event.

But though the title of the rally was “Guns & Religion,” the politician/actor spent more time talking about the economy.

Thompson, actor Robert Davi, Republican National Committee Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli and David Barton, president of the religious-based organization WallBuilders, spoke at the Wednesday afternoon rally at McCain/Palin headquarters in Springettsbury Township.

“I love the guns-and-God mantra, because both are God-given rights,” Barton said, telling the crowd to encourage others to vote. “Get people of faith back in the polls.”

Dawn Balcom of Springettsbury Township said it was nice to hear religion addressed.

“It was good to hear that these politicians are thinking God is important,” she said. “When we get away from God . . . the whole country goes down.”

Why is the McCain campaign associating itself with a right-wing pseudo-historian who believes that Christians should “start breaking fingers” of those who don’t vote Republican and warns them they’ll have to answer to God for their failure to vote properly. 

Did they not learn anything from their Hagee/Parsely debacle?